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It’s Always Great To See A Familiar Face

Before March Break, Class 4B were treated to a special presentation.
On March 7th, Class 4B were treated to a special visit and presentation from Nina. R, Mateo’s sister.  Nina is a distinguished RHMS graduate and chose to speak to our 4B class about her exciting volunteer trip to India last summer through the ‘Me To We’ program.  Nina generously dedicated 3 weeks of her summer in 2016 to help build and improve schooling for certain children in India.  Nina spoke about the challenges of daily life in particular regions of India and of her time at one school. Nina also spoke about the positive impact that this experience had for her and how it broadened her appreciation for other cultures, systems of government and education. 

The students of 4B greatly appreciated the time that Nina gave to visit our class and the information and memories that she shared with us.

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