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Help RHMS Send Kids To Camp

RHMS staff and their families will be participating in the Sporting Life 10K Walk/Run in support of Camp Ooch. 
There was an estimated 200,000 new cases of cancer diagnosed in Canada in 2016. Many of us have been touched by cancer personally one way or another. Cancer has also touched the lives of many families in our own school community. The staff asked themselves: “What can we do to help?” On Sunday, May 14, 2017 the RHMS staff and their families will be participating in the Sporting Life 10Km Walk/Run in support of Camp Ooch. Camp Ooch is a volunteer-based organization that provides kids who are affected by cancer with unique opportunities for fun and enriching magical camp experiences.

We are asking the RHMS community to help by donating to the RHMS Rules the Road corporate team, who will be running the Sporting Life 10k.
Simply visit https://raceroster.com/events/2017/6186/sporting-life-10k-toronto-2017/teams the team fundraising page.

1.    Type in RHMS Rules the Road into the search team box

2.    Click on the blue Pledge button

3.    Enter the amount that you would like to pledge and press Donate. Continue to follow the additional prompts.
Help us make the difference in a child’s life who has been affected by cancer. Allowing them the opportunity to be a kid regardless of the medical challenges and struggles they may be facing.  Let’s show the city of Toronto what a big heart our RHMS community has as we give.

* Parents please log into the RHMS portal to view video

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