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French Writing Contest

Bravo to all the finalists who presented their fantastic French stories!
Bravo à tous les finalistes qui ont présenté leurs histoires françaises fantastiques!
(Bravo to all the finalists who presented their fantastic French stories!)
Congratulations to the winners as well as all those who presented and finally everyone who worked so hard writing their French stories this year!
-Mlle. Balakrishnan and Mlle. Coupland

Story Contest Winners

Grade 1 Category:
BRONZE: Tiffany 1B
GOLD: Sasha 1A
Grade 2 Category:
BRONZE: Cassie 2B
SILVER: Valarie 2B
GOLD: Kyler & Kristen 2C
Grade 3 Category:
SILVER: Jayden 3C
GOLD: Jaotin 3A
Grade 4 Category:
BRONZE: Harrison 4B
SILVER: Bernice 4A
GOLD: Nicholas 4B
Grade 5/6 Category:
BRONZE: Aaliyah 5A
SILVER: Gabrielle 5B & Sofia 5A
GOLD: Julia 5C
Grade 7/8 Category:
BRONZE: Rohan 8B
SILVER: Natalie 8A
GOLD: Ariz 8B

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