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Earth Day Celebration

RHMS students welcome the Lorax to their Earth Day assembly.
The children had a big surprise waiting for them at the RHMS Earth Day Assembly.  A famous environmentalist visited RHMS to learn how each grade was conserving energy and materials at school.  Many grades have been practicing upcycling in various ways!  Visual art, language arts, science, and social study classes regularly re-use materials to create cool projects.  Upcycling is an important step before recycling, and the Lorax was very impressed with this conservation strategy.  Some classes at RHMS researched famous environmentalists and others explored the impacts of environmental issues such as deforestation, carbon emissions, overfishing, and the global water supply.  Other classes designed communities that would be sustainable for our future, taking into account population growth, resources, transportation, government, healthcare, education, and industry and economy.
The Lorax left RHMS feeling satisfied that the future of this beautiful earth was in the hands of such thoughtful and determined young scientists.  We hope the Lorax comes for another visit soon.  Let’s show him how much we care about our planet!

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