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Travel Back In Time

The grade 2 student’s travel back in time during an excursion to Season’s Family Centre. 
The grade two students took an excursion to Season’s Family Centre to get a real-life experience of what pioneers ate, how they traveled to Upper Canada, and how families lived. They cooked and baked cake, bread pudding, and potato cakes in the Kitchen Studio. The best part about cooking was that they were able to take the food back to school to enjoy with their friends! They created 3D maps of Canada and learned about where all the early settlers arrived in the Art Studio. They also travelled back in time in the Seasons Studio and learned about different roles boys and girls had in the past compared to modern life. They did some role-playing to show what life was like back then compared to life now.

Overall, the students had a blast! They were happy to apply what they learned in class to what they did on the field trip.  

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