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Searching For Seeds

Grade Two students share their seeds with their classmates.
The grade two “Plant Growth” unit began with a lesson on seeds.  Mrs. Sadler began the lesson by reading a book titled, “Seeds” by Vijaya Khisty Bodach.  She read the first page, and couldn’t turn the page for another 20 minutes.  QUESTIONS! The grade twos were so curious about seeds that they just had to ask all of their questions. 
After the first seed lesson was completed, children began bringing in seeds to share with the class.  Matthew brought in a cocoa bean from a recent trip, Adrian brought in apple seeds from his snack, and Gryphon brought in sprouts she began to germinate at home! It’s no surprise then that the children have been enjoying growing their own black eyed pea plants from seeds in science class.
Continue to be curious, little scientists!

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