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Terrific Trees

Montessori students learn about the largest plants on Earth – Trees!
During the month of April, our Montessori children learned much about botany.  We observed the many physical characteristics and parts of trees, leaves, flowers, seeds and germination by using all five of our senses!  We conducted a science experiment  to investigate how trees and leaves get water and nutrients.  We learned that the roots of the tree absorb water and nutrients from the ground and travel through tiny tubes in the trunk and branches to feed the tree.

The children learned much about the largest plants on Earth-Trees!  There many types of trees on our beautiful planet including deciduous and coniferous found right here on our school grounds. The children know how beneficial and precious trees are to us and have discussed the many different ways trees help us in our daily lives and how we can preserve them. 

Plan a family walk or hike to a wooded area and take a close look at some of these beautiful plants and their natural environment.  Guaranteed, the children will love to explore and play!

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