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Onward, Forward, Above And Beyond

Grade 3 students advance with technology.
The grade 3 classes have been spending time extending their learning within the classroom through the use of one-to-one iPads.  They are applying much of their learning to tasks and activities that are APP based, as well as getting a feel for how submissions on Schoology work!  They have been trying new things, expanding their ideas, and stretching their creativity forward with the use of virtual manipulatives, online research, presentation files and slides, and collaboration.  Students were able to collaborate their creative math skills and ideas with the Explain Everything APP and were mesmerized by the seemingly limitless capabilities at their fingertips. 

The Grade 3’s are always eager to learn with their iPads at hand, proving school to be more engaging and entertaining than ever before.  Onward, forward, above, and beyond!  The future of technology (and the limitless possibilities) in the classroom is even more so at reach!

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