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Montessori Students Make Magic

Montessori students use model magic clay to create beautiful artwork for Mother's Day.
Our Montessori students had the opportunity to work with a new medium in art during the month of May and they had so much fun using their hands and creating with their “Model Magic” clay.  The children were each given a pack of clay to work with and shown a few different varieties of shapes they could make, after that was when the real magic happened!   Using the instructions and their own creativity the children set off to create a beautiful gift for some very special women in their lives. It was really wonderful to see our students using their imaginations along with the skills they have learned in fine arts this year to add details and their own special touches to their clay.  The “Model Magic” projects the students created will be used as part of a surprise gift that will be presented during the Mother’s Day Tea celebrations.
Children love to talk about their artwork and the processes that they took to create their art.  Our Mother’s Day gifts are all unique and took a great deal of hard work over the last few weeks.  The children are so proud of what they have accomplished!  We encourage you to ask your children how each part of their artwork was made and how it all came together. 

We hope you will display them with love and pride and hope you all had a lovely Mother’s Day.

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