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Sustainable Success By The Sixes

The Grade 6’s plant trees in our local community. 
As spring blooms into our life, all the flowers and trees rehabilitate again from our cold and gloomy winter. Recognizing the need to build a sustainable community, RHMS students ventured to our nearby Oakridge’s Moraine to work with the local Rotary Club. In desperation to restore our resident forests, the Grade 6 student’s decided to … plant trees!

On Thursday May 11th, students from 6A and B joined other local schools for a tree planting adventure. When we arrived, we went for a hike through Jefferson Forest, and then had a visit from a local Conservationist and a complimentary Raptor show! We met a variety of raptor birds native to Ontario. After the show, we started planting trees, working with high school students (some RHMS alumni!) to learn the proper techniques.  After an exhausting day, our work paid off when we admired the new trees planted in order to help sustain our community.

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