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Donate Your T

Fostering cultural exchanges, one t-shirt at a time.
The Donate Your T initiative was started by Geoffrey and Matthew Sem, current York University Kinesiology students, who are also former RHMS students, having attended RHMS since a young age.

They started the Donate Your T initiative after their 3rd medical mission which took place in Tanzania, Africa in 2012. During previous missions, it was observed that many of the local children lacked proper clothing; the t-shirts they wore were often ripped, dirty, and worn out. Thus, in preparation for Tanzania, the brothers collected around 100 gently used t-shirt donations from fellow high school classmates and friends. They requested that the donors write their name and a short message on the t-shirts; as a result, each t-shirt would represent a true gift from a Canadian to a Tanzanian child.
Since then, Donate Your T has been collecting hundreds of t-shirts from various schools and youth groups around the GTA region with the goal to foster cultural exchanges between Canadian students and students from developing nations through this special type of t-shirt donation.  We kindly ask that you donate a new or gently-used t-shirt.
Two donation boxes will be placed in the Montessori and Elementary foyer’s starting Thursday, May 18th, 2017. 

Here’s How To Donate:

1.    Find a new or gently-used t-shirt; t-shirts of ANY size are accepted.  Please ensure the t-shirt is in clean condition (no rips, holes, or tears), and does not display any inappropriate material.

Grab your favourite permanent coloured markers/paint/pens.

3.    Write or draw any positive messages or pictures you would like a child in a developing country to see.  Examples: “Greetings from Canada!” or “Stay happy”.

4.    Sign your name on the t-shirt and drop the t-shirt off at the designated collection box at RHMS. 

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