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Welcome Swimmy!

Montessori students in room 112 welcome a new pet to the classroom.
Last week, after much anticipation, the children in room 112 were delighted to welcome their very own classroom pet!  We chose a Betta fish which the children named “Swimmy” after the fish character from one of Eric Carl’s popular stories.
Having a pet can be extremely beneficial for a child.  While learning about the needs of a pet, its original habitat, and taking care of it, children not only learn responsibility, but they also develop compassion and empathy towards others. As children learn to read and write at school, they also need to think through various situations.  If there is something wrong with their pet, they need to give it attention and find a solution.  For example, when Swimmy arrived in our class, it really didn't look very happy in the small jar that we got it in from the pet store. Therefore, we had a group discussion about Swimmy’s needs and we created a suitable habitat for it. We also decided to take turns feeding it every two days.
Having the opportunity to observe and take care of Swimmy for the past few days has given the children a hands-on experience that no other classroom material can offer.  We love you, Swimmy!

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