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Free Society

RHMS Grade 8 students learned about philosophy and the different types of Government. 
In Term 3, the Grade 8 students were introduced to the concept of philosophy and its purpose and different types of Government. The students explored philosophical thought through the ages with emphasis on ethics, leadership, justice, and freedom. They also studied several political ideologies and different types of government.
As a culminating activity, the grade 8 students created a “freedom society”. They had to consider different aspects like government, justice, education, currency, and family/children. They named their society, created a flag and composed a National Anthem and, finally, created a 3-D model of their society.
The purpose of this project was to ponder the true meaning of freedom and what really creates a free society. After completing the presentations, each student wrote a reflection answering one main question: “What is more valuable than freedom or is freedom of the most value?”
“Freedom is the open window through which pours the sunlight of the human spirit and human dignity.” (Herbert Hoover)

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