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Terrific Term 3

RHMS students were acknowledged for their achievements during Term 3.
Last week students and faculty gathered together one last time to celebrate the academic achievements of the 2016-2017 school year. Students who made great strides in term three were awarded the Principal’s Breakfast Award and were treated to pancakes and fruit on the second last day of school. 

The winner of the Term 3 Principal’s Math Challenge was also announced. This year students did a great job solving all of the problems. The Principal`s Math Challenge with be back next year with even harder questions!

Science Expo medals for Grade Five and Six students were also awarded. Congratulations to Yara, Lauren and Alyna in Grade 5 and Angela and Priya in Grade 6 for winning gold!

The winners of the Grades One to Three Language Competition were also announced and the gold medal winners presented their speeches to their fellow students.

Grade 1 – Christie  
Grade 2 – Cassie
Grade 3 – Emily  

Last but certainly not least, the medals for the French Poetry writing content were awarded.

Congratulations to everyone for another great term! Have wonderful summer. 

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