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What Goes Up Must Come Down

Grade 2 Students Learn About Gravity and Force

At RHMS, our teachers are constantly learning new ways of expanding their students’ minds with innovative teaching methods. This week Ms. Graziella Sadler attended a conference to learn about the latest methods in science education and discovered a new activity that she introduced to her Grade 2 Science class today. Students used the Scientific Method and made hypotheses about which different types of balls would bounce highest on different types of flooring. They then tested out their theories by measuring the distance each ball bounced on each surface, introducing two different variables for experimentation. These advanced and interactive lessons will become the building blocks for their future success in Physics.
The primary students also learned about the importance of communication and group work which are skills they can take even beyond the science classroom. At the end of the experiments, the students discussed what worked for them and what difficulties they encountered, and then resourcefully came together to compare their results. It taught them that science exists in a community of shared knowledge, and even failed experiments are successes if you can take away something new you learned from them.

Click here to see our Grade 2 scientists making new discoveries!

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