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A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned

RHMS Alumni Returns to Teach Grade 8 Students About Budgeting

Today in Grade 8 Math class students were joined by RHMS Alumni Tim who came in to talk about budgets, saving, spending, and consumer rights. The students had a fun activity where they worked in groups that were each assigned a given occupation (doctor, interior designer, cashier, etc.) with a set salary. They had to allocate their income to housing, transportation, utilities, taxes, and more, and then figure out a workable budget and calculate their savings. They also delved into the laws of consumer rights, purchasing securely online, and protecting their private information, as well as how to identify scams. Valuable lessons were learned not only about money management, but also about how to become responsible and savvy shoppers in the internet age. At the end of the class, students got to check up on their virtual stocks from last month and see how their investments were doing!

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