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Math Station Rotation

Grade 3 Students Prepare for Quiz with Station-style Group Studying

RHMS students in Grade 3 are rotating for decimals! Well, they are rotating stations, to further their knowledge of decimals! As a fun activity to prepare for their upcoming quiz, students are testing themselves and what they know of decimals in order to answer six tasks at timed stations. Tasks included comparing hundredths and thousandths with the use of grids, writing decimals as fractions and vice-versa, determining the place value and total value of a decimal number, modeling decimal numbers on place value charts and more.
This wonderful activity planned by our three Grade 3 teachers Mrs. Eisfeld, Mrs. Lynch, and Mr. Kim, helps students prepare for quizzes by taking away the monotony of studying alone and creating a game-like atmosphere where students can work together on the timed challenges. This makes for faster and wider learning as students share unique insights and learn from each other. These Grade 3 students were up for any mathematical challenge, especially ones involving decimals. Working together within a group, as these students did, anything is possible!

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