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Dashing into Robotics

Montessori Students Introduced to Computer Programming with Dash the Robot

At RHMS, Montessori preschool students are already learning to code! With their new robot friend Dash, the children learned about inputs and outputs to introduce them to the exciting field of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Using a tablet, students drove robot Dash around the room, manipulated the colours of his lights, and prompted him make different animal sounds. They inputted various commands and saw the outputs happen simultaneously on Dash. It was a fun and stimulating way for students to learn computer programming basics. As the students’ skills increased over the course of the afternoon, they problem-solved to learn how to drive Dash around the classroom avoiding obstacles like furniture and each other. At the end of the lesson, students worked on a programming variables chart where they chose their favourite input and output commands of the day.
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