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Defying Gravity

Grade Two Students Fight the Forces of Gravity with Slowing Movement Devices

The Grade Twos challenged nature’s forces this month by designing and building Slowing Movement Devices in the Science Lab. Their objective was to create a device that would slow the downward movement of a sponge ball, falling from a given height. They conducted three timed trials, dropping the sponge ball by itself to see how the force of gravity affected the sponge ball’s speed. Then, in partners, the children set off to construct a device, using a variety of materials, to oppose gravity. Once they decided that their best chance was to use the air’s buoyant force, they designed a variety of parachutes over two class periods.  The children then tested out their devices to amazing results! Everyone’s parachutes escaped the force of gravity. The Grade Twos will be using their understanding of forces in their next unit, “Strong and Stable Structures.”
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