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Science Expo 2018

Grade 7 and 8 Students Present Scientific Marvels

Senior students put on amazing displays in Gym 1 yesterday for the Annual RHMS Science Expo! Students showcased their original projects that fell into one of the seven Science Expo challenges: discovery, health, energy, environment, information, resources, or innovation. The expo saw everything from designing 3D printers to geotropism, homeopathy to fuel efficiency, and coastal defence to charging electrical appliances with fidget spinners!
This was a great opportunity for students to use their ingenuity to come up with ideas for scientific progress. The judges consisted of a panel of our teachers and RHMS alumni who reviewed each student’s project throughout the course of the day. While they deliberated, our Grades 3-6 students got to visit the Expo and were inspired by the scientific ventures of their older peers. In the evening, parents and the public were welcomed to view the scientific marvels of our students. Thank you to Mrs. Rafferty, Mrs. Sadler, Ms. Dekster, Mr. Nguyen, Mrs. Whewell, Ms. Quidayan, Ms. Garner, Patrick Sem and Matthew Sem for their participation as RHMS judges this year and to Ms. Bernard for running the expo! In the end, seven winning projects were chosen from both grades.

Here are the winners:

Grade 8
Gold- Steven and Ethan (“Can we design a robot that can print on a page larger than A4?”)
Silver- Jerry. Z (“Can you make a sensor that will detect the optimal reading distance?”)
Bronze- Tiffany and Ingrid (“Which brand of pre-packaged lunch meals contains the highest level of BPA?”)

Grade 7
Gold- Reanna (“What building method is best in a wall of a house that is meant to sustain storms?”)
Silver- Stefan. T (“Which type of biomass produces more biogas?”)
Bronze (tie) Daniel and Aiden (“Which methods are the best for desalinating water?”)
Bronze (tie) Robert and Austin (“How does the distance between the rails and the placements of the weights affect how much a magnetic train can carry?”)

Five of our top projects at the fair (Steven and Ethan, Jerry. Z, Tiffany and Ingrid, Reanna and Stefan. T) will go on to represent RHMS at the York Regional Science and Technology Fair on April 7th at York University. We wish them good luck!
Click here to take a peak inside RHMS Science Expo 2018.

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