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Creating a Creative Community

Grade 4 Mentors Listen to Stories from Grade 1 Students

Richmond Hill Montessori and Elementary Private School is a school that upholds the spirit of community. The older students are mentors and role models for the younger students, and the community as a whole seeks to create enthusiastic and positive memories each day at RHMS. This was put into practice this morning by Mrs. Gerson’s Grade 1B class and Ms. Uzunomur’s Grade 4C class in a special collaborative lesson. Grade 1 students created their very own storybooks complete with illustrations and visited Grade 4 to read them aloud in groups.
The Grade 4s gave them two stars and a wish to support their story writing process with positive feedback and encouragement. They did a wonderful job listening and offering their support to their younger peers. With great resources like Book Creator, Mrs. Gerson was able to digitally combine each student’s story into one big story book that can be digitally shared amongst the students.

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